ASHDOWN WOODSMAN-PEDAL-R - Педаль акустический преамп с ревербератором

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For a long time, acoustic guitarists have strived to achieve a live sound to match their studio sound. Mediating the signal between instrument and PA and designed to bring out a more natural and clear sound form your acoustic guitar, the Ashdown Pre-Amp Reverb Pedal allows guitarists to get that studio sound quality night after night.Tone shaping, level control and EQ are all really important features for acoustic players. The Ashdown Pre-Amp Reverb Pedal takes this bread-and-butter functionality one step further, with some value added extras.The Pre-Amp Reverb Pedal has a very simple but effective layout that utilises many features of Ashdown’s popular Woodsman Acoustic Guitar amp range. It includes a notch filter, high and low (bass/treble) EQ rotary controls, Notch Frequency control for feedback resonance, as well as a footswitchable shape button - bringing the player up in the mix when it counts.The pedal features dual inputs for both instrument (Jack) and microphone (XLR), so the player can go direct in with their guitar and use a microphone for vocals at the same time.The input assignable reverb switch lets you choose which channel has reverb applied to it, meaning you can add reverb to your guitar, vocals or both at the same time. The welcomed addition of reverb to Ashdown’s acoustic line has allowed for the further tone shaping options that acoustic guitarists crave.Just as you’d expect from any good acoustic pre-amp pedal, there’s also a very handy balanced DI output, allowing the guitarist to run their signal straight into the PA for ease of use. No need for a separate DI box. The Pre/Post switch at the rear of the pedal either sends a clean signal (pre) or signal with effects (post) to the balanced DI output.Lastly, the true bypass mute switch allows for zero-colouration of your input signal when the pedal isn't in use.SPECIFICATIONPower Requirement: 9V DCHigh Instrument Input: 4M Ohms - 100mVDI Output: 600 Ohm balanced / Level 200mV nominalEQ: Bass EQ +/- 15dB @ 150Hz, Hi EQ +/- 15dB @5kHz. Acoustically tailored shapeNotch Filter: Range = 60 - 300Hz Attenuation = -18dB


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